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October 15, 2021

Style can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Style can help an individual express themselves freely and feel confident in their own skin. Take a look at what East students and alumni have to say about what style means to them!

Remy Abrams (‘21)

Remy Abrams (’21)

Style is an expression of personality, attitude, and confidence. Like Cher

Remy Abrams (’21)

in Clueless, deciding what to wear can be stressful. Yet, the decision impacts the way in which one presents themselves to the world. Similar to how a character is written into a movie or a novel, the description of their style, clothing, and persona as a whole is worded simply through their expression. Whether it be through the

way one walks, the clothes they wear, or the shoes on their feet, style is purely the manner in which one reveals their personality. However, style is not entirely referencing one’s choice of clothing. I mean, I wore sweatpants to school for two years straight and somehow still was considered stylish. Style can develop alongside maturation and interpersonal discovery, as stylistic preferences evolve through character growth and exposure to the outside world. Simply put, style allows me to express myself and illustrate my identity with pizzazz; a feature in life that is specific to every individual.

The majority of my fav clothes are from adika, misguided, princess polly, tiger mist, and asos

Darren Zhou (’22)

Darren Zhou (’23)

​​Style is definitely a form of artistry where people can express their

Darren Zhou (’23)

interests, personalities, and feelings. I first discovered my style in late sophomore year, when I took a look at what I was wearing all day in bed and realized how it impacted my mood. Since then, I started to see style as a first impression indicator to yourself and your peers. Even if it’s just a sweatpant and sweatshirt set, the small intricate details and accessories in an outfit can make a huge difference in

Darren Zhou (’23)

how people perceive you. I think it’s important not to overlook style because at the end of the day, it should be what you feel comfortable in and what people will recognize you for. Something important I want to talk about is how fashion has changed over the years. When I first came out and felt more comfortable in myself, I realized that clothing is universal. Gender- neutral. The colors, lengths, and styles we wear shouldn’t be assigned to specific genders. They’re just articles that we use to cover and express ourselves. So yeah, that’s my perspective on what style means to me: a form of self-expression.

Alena Zhang (‘23)

Alena Zhang (’23)

What is fashion? Is it the softness of a loose sweater, the metal clink of necklaces, or the smooth coolness of a silky shirt?
When our eyes catch on the neon blur of a shirt in a crowd, is that instantaneous glimpse what we deem fashion? Is it the constant cycle of “what’s in” and “what’s out”?

Alena Zhang (’23)

Oftentimes, there is the conception that money buys worth; that what shimmers on the covers of magazines is what we should buy. And in some sense, that consumerism is partly true; fashion does stem from a constant culture of trends, but it can also be the way we express ourselves without the expectations of current trends.
For me, fashion is about style and comfort and making decisions. Small habits like switching out my earrings, buying patterned socks, and repurposing my mom’s old sweatshirts to incorporate into my wardrobe are all part of it.
When I wake up and decide what to wear, it’s not just about what I deem as “pretty”, or “cool”, or “trendy”. Instead, it’s about having the ability to start off my day feeling rejuvenated and comfortable in my own skin.

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