East student creates social media platform: BeHated Fitness

April 12, 2021


Courtesy of Instagram

If it weren’t for social media, Mason Bulicki (’21) would not be able to publicize his fitness journey.

Through hard work and the power of social media, Mason Bulicki (‘21) has turned his love of fitness into the brand BeHated Fitness. Ever since middle school, Bullicki has had a passion for making sports, lifting weights and making people better and the brand combines all three. The BeHated Fitness brand includes subscription based workout programs/lessons, workout routines, the BeHated Podcast and the BeHated basketball league. Currently the brand is featured on Instagram (@BeHatedFit), Tik Tok (@behatedfitness), Youtube (@BeHated) and the new website (https://behated.square.site/more). Bullicki also uses his personal Facebook to promote the brand. During the pandemic, social media allowed Bulicki to connect with members of the community while people were quarantined.

“Social Media has allowed people to get to know me on a level that they wouldn’t really get to in person if they didn’t know me before” said Bulicki.

In the past few months the BeHated TikTok account has reached over 600 followers. Bulicki credits Tik Tok for allowing him to interact with a wider range of people all over the world.

“My goal on Tik Tok is to reach and help as many people as possible, even if I only help one person its a good day in my book” said Bullicki.

Bullicki is also the commissioner of the BeHated Fitness Basketball League. The league consists of 7 teams of players ranging from 9th grade to college. Games are played every Tuesday and Sunday and there is a regular season and playoffs. Ever since Bulicki started the brand he has wanted to create and run his own league. Bulicki uses the league Instagram (@behatedleague) to promote the league and also post league announcements, schedules and power rankings.

“I’ve always wanted to put something together for people that have always loved the sport and I just wanted a fun, 2 day a week thing, with competitive basketball where you just have fun with your friends” said Bulicki.

Although keeping up with social media along with school, cross country and track is extremely time consuming, Bulicki is ready for the challenge. Bulicki makes sure to take 1-2 hours every day to write in his notebook and reflect on his day and his next idea for the brand and social media.

“I always have a plan, I feel like if you do not have a plan you won’t be able to accomplish anything.” said Bullicki.

In the future Bulicki wants to become a fitness franchise that combines fitness, everyday sports and streetwear recognized all around the world.

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