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There are many fun holiday DIY activities. One of these activities is creating paper snowflakes.

DIY Holiday Decorations

December 24, 2020

Waking up to the aroma of sugar cookies baking and gentle snowflakes landing on my windowsill are some of the most magical childhood memories I have. The holiday spirit allows many to experience the whimsical nature of winter break and view twinkling holiday lights and festive ornaments.

Wintry decorations can not only spruce up an undecorated living space, but also bring the holiday cheer that always seems to come with gentle snowfalls.
Although some of my most memorable holiday decorations may come in the form of glittery puzzle pieces and painted macaroni pieces, these snowflake decorations are definitely a close second.

With intricately layered designs that present itself as a stunning, magnified snow crystal, these decorations still retain an elegant quality to hang around any room in its individual form or connected into links. Although some snowflakes may look clunky or are overly complicated with multiple techniques, these only require paper, glue, a stapler and a few simple steps.

The holidays are a time to destress and enjoy the simple things, and this decoration is perfect for a quick dash of wintry spirit.

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