Defne tries drinking green juices daily

Infographic by Greg Rothkoff(’19)
Infographic by Greg Rothkoff(’19)
Infographic by Greg Rothkoff(’19)

If anyone gets the chance to talk to me, I am always trying to figure out new health regimes to incorporate into my daily life. As a child of two doctors, I have been surrounded with health and medicine throughout my life, impacting certain decisions that I have made. For the twenty day challenge, I decided to initiate one of my greatest fears: green juices.

I would not really call them “my greatest fears” (that is reserved for heights and spiders), but when I did juice cleanses or some type of detox, the sheer smell of the mixture of green substances made my stomach turn. Egged on by my fellow editors support, I initiated my challenge with no optimism. I would be drinking one green juice a day along with my daily meals. I did not think that drinking spinach, celery and strawberries would lead to the bogus claims that the Internet swore it did. For example, websites claimed healthier and clearer skin or weight loss or even better sleep. With these prenotions in my mind, I did not know what to expect from the twenty day challenge. I typically eat spinach, celery and strawberries on a daily basis so I was not increasing the amount of vitamins or nutrients in my body.

The first day of the entire challenge did not seem too difficult. It was a basic turmeric and lemon green juice that was supposed to revive my inner organs. The taste was not the greatest and the actual appeal of the juice looked like food that someone ate twenty-four hours ago. However, as days went by and the amount of green juices I drank increased I realized that I did not mind the taste anymore. Sure there was a strong spinach taste, but the sweetness from the fruits and the lemon made the juices bearable. The actual attraction only got worse throughout the challenge. Some days the juice would be red, brown, murky green, light green; it just depended on the day’s recipe and the amount of each ingredient that was placed.

At first I did not think anything was going to happen, but I was proven wrong. In a short span of three days, I was able to notice a reduction in bloating. The loss of water and the decrease in bloating led me to lose around two pounds in the first three days. Despite this, I was constantly going to the bathroom. I do not know the science behind this dilemma, but I feel that since the juices were in liquid form it was easier for my body to digest the vitamins, thus the constant bathroom breaks.

By day 14, I was ready to give up. It was not the taste but the texture. Maybe it was my broken down blender but the concoctions just stopped vibing with me. Just the thought of drinking another juice the next day would send horrors to me but I pushed through it. By the end of the challenge, I was ready to put away my blender and the glass bottles I bought for the green juices for good (they are currently in my kitchen behind all the kitchen appliances). I learned that I could never make myself a green juice ever again. Green juices may work for some people but personally I would rather eat spinach, celery and strawberries (separately of course) than drink them. I would recommend this method to people if they are feeling unclean inside. It is not necessary to drink them but for a good clean system I would recommend once a week juice cleanse.

On a brighter note, I personally felt very “clean” and flushed out every time I drank a green juice. Due to the consistent bathroom breaks, all the food I ate would quickly go through me and out, hence the “flushing” of the system. I cannot attest to how much my skin got clearer but I can see how people would feel more energized and better about themselves. The entire twenty day juice “cleanse” did work as it made me feel somewhat healthy on the inside, but in a short span of fries and ice cream I was able to break the cleanliness of my internal organs that I was building up during the last twenty days.

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