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Dance chairs this year include Arielle Cosenza and Emily Altman.

Dance Chairs

Emily Altman (‘22) and Arielle Consenza (‘22) have taken on the role of dance chairs for the 2022 Mr. East competition. The duo has been working diligently to ensure that the contestants’ superpowers are up to par to compete in the dance. This year’s theme is superheroes, and the dance chairs have been choreographing a truly spectacular dance to fit the theme. Dance plays a huge role in both Altman and Cosenza’s lives, and they will be putting their skills to the test to help teach the contestants some outstanding choreography.

Altman and Cosenza are each respectively involved in a plethora of extracurriculars that have helped them shape the perfect portfolio for this exciting position. Altman is on the board for the Jewish Student Union, and she is an active member in the Hospital Support Club. Cosenza’s main extracurricular focus is theater, and she is also a member of thespian society. However, she has had to limit her time with the thespians due to her commitment to dance. During her sophomore year, Cosenza had the opportunity to be the assistant dance captain in the theater department. Additionally, they have each taken part in choreographing their grade’s spirit week dance each year since freshman year.

Together, the girls make the perfect fit for the dance chairs for Mr. East as they each have a full time commitment to dance during their time outside of school. Altman and Cosenza both dance for their competitive teams five out of the seven days in a week. Altman says they “have a lot of experience choreographing together from spirit week.” Altman will continue to dance during the remainder of her senior year, and Cosenza will be attending University of South Florida specifically for dance. They are both very committed to the sport they have been participating in for all of their life, and they will continue to exercise their skills with the Mr. East contestants.

Altman and Cosenza have been working diligently to put together creative choreography that fits the theme, and they plan on meeting with the boys to ensure that they’re prepared for the big night. Cosenza shared how she “also took on the role of creating the music for the dance, and she has been working on creating a creative and entertaining set for the contestants and the audience.” Altman explained how “[they’ve] worked together a lot in the past so they know what their strengths are, and can use to [their] advantage when coaching the contestants.” The East community can look forward to seeing Altman and Cosenza’s work together on April 29, 2022.

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