@CS99TV gains over 1 million followers from sports-related content

January 4, 2021

Adam Yu (’19) and Robert Scwitzer (’20) are the creators of the @CS99TV TikTok account. They mainly post sports related content, including sports challenges and tricks. Also, they typically aim to have comedic content along with their sports videos.

Interview with Adam Yu (’19):

1. Why did you first start making TikToks?

We started making TikToks as a way to pass time during the pandemic, it really just gave us something to do when there wasn’t much else we could do during that time.

2. What is your favorite part about making TikToks so far?

Honestly it’s really crazy to see the reach that TikTok has. Even just going around Cherry Hill and different parts of South Jersey, we get recognized a ton and that’s been really cool to see. Not even from the standpoint of thinking we’re famous, but to hear that we’ve made someone’s day just by saying “hi” to them is extremely humbling. We really embrace having a platform to influence others for the better.

3. Has creating TikTok’s helped you or taught you anything important you can use in life?

As business majors, we always stress the importance of networking. Through TikTok, we’ve been able to meet and network with people that we never would have if we didn’t make the TikTok account. We now have contacts in Sports Center, Sports Illustrated, and Body Armour among many others. We’ve also been able to connect with some pretty big creators and athletes looking to collaborate.

4. What made your TikTok account first blow up?

To be honest our first TikTok we posted blew up. I think we were able to post unique videos that nobody has ever posted before. To an extent, you’d have to come to our account to see the type of videos we post since nobody else does it. And having experience with YouTube and social media algorithms, we were able to combine that knowledge with our unique content to make a pretty successful account.

5.Do you have any goals in the future relating to TikTok?

Obviously we’re really close to hitting 1 Million followers, and that would just be really cool to see. Other than that we’re looking to partner with some big brands as well moving forward.

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