May 23, 2023

With May being Asian Heritage month, it is important to shed light onto the stories of Asian Americans. It is vital to build an awareness of these individuals in order to support a more open-minded society. While the urge to classify and create definitions to build a basic understanding of people is common, Eastside believes there is a more adaptable and fluid approach for living. People search for identity because it feels satisfactory to understand why they are the way they are. These perspectives contain messages on seeking individuality through our different cultures and ethnicities. As we live on, preserving cultural identity and retaining the understanding of backgrounds remains essential. Without understanding our history, we lose the reminders of what binds us, what grounds us and what ultimately makes us human. The migrations, the difficulties, the bliss and the abilities that transcend from one generation to another ultimately shapes our past, our knowledge and our diversity of human existence.

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