November 28, 2022

Cherry Hill has made significant strides in making the community an accessible place for all. Through special programs, parks, educational resources and more, many people who need accommodations find a welcoming and accessible environment in Cherry Hill. Yet, there are still strides that need to be made and changes that need to be sought.

Without spreading awareness, it is difficult to understand the necessity of implementing accessibility in the world around us. It is our job as citizens to promote change for everyone to be able to do daily tasks without obstacles such as a lack of accessibility. From this, it is significant that we become educated in order to fully grasp the dire need of accessibility in society today. We can make strides so that everyone is educated and they all do understand how accessibility does not lead to unfairness, but rather leads to a more equitable world.

Change can start at the administrative level, or it can even start with you. Because when the citizens that construct the environment of a community come together to make a place more welcoming, that can be a stepping stone toward a society, and then a world, that is fully accessible.

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