Column: The Levin Family

January 9, 2020

Courtesy of Jessica Levin (’22)
Devyn Levin graduates in 2022.

Student Government at Cherry Hill East runs in my family, like athleticism are artistic ability may run in others. My name is Jessica Levin (‘22), and my mom Stacy Levin (‘88), my older sister Madeline Levin (‘18), and my twin sister Devyn Levin (‘22), all have attended or currently attend Cherry Hill East. Both of my parents grew up in Cherry Hill.

Courtesy of Jessica Levin (’22)
Jessica Levin graduates in 2022.

My mom and dad met in high school, even though my mom went to East and my dad went to West. My parents urged my sisters and I to get involved in Student Government as soon as we got into middle school. They made sure to show us the importance of our student voice and giving back to the community. Growing up, my mom was class Secretary/Treasurer her Sophomore and Junior years and was school Secretary/Treasurer her Senior year.

My older sister, Madeline Levin, followed in my mom’s footsteps and took on the role for running for student government office. She became class Vice President her Sophomore year, school Vice President her Junior year and was elected school President her Senior year. With all of these accomplishments, she made it nearly impossible for my twin and I to fulfill these shoes. My twin sister, Devyn Levin, was the class Vice President our Freshman year, and is currently our Sophomore class President.

Courtesy of Jessica Levin (’22)
Madeline Levin graduated in 2018.

Coming into East, my siblings and I️ knew right away that we would get involved with Student Government, for this is what we have always known. We had heard funny stories from my mom and her friends about planning lip sync, FOP parties and the Spirit Week floats that were driven around the West track.

Devyn Levin and I got to see first hand the East Student Government in action when my older sister was at East. We watched as Madeline Levin helped plan dances, movie nights and East’s first wing bowl. We could not wait to get to East. Now that I am here, I am happy that Devyn and I are carrying on the family tradition of East Student Government.

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