Courtesy of Jeffrey Kaminer ('21)

Margot Kaufman and the Kaminer kids.

Column: The Kaminer/Kaufman Family

January 9, 2020

My roots dig deep in Cherry Hill. My dad, Adam Kaminer (‘85), went to West and

Courtesy of Jeffrey Kaminer (’21)
Jeffrey Kaminer graduates in 2021.

my mom, Margot Kaufman (‘87), went to East. However, it never seemed to be an argument that my siblings and I would go to East. Back when my dad went to high school, he chose West because “that’s where all of [his] friends went.” So when the time came, my dad wanted me and my siblings to go to school where all of our friends were going- just as he did. That school was East.

My sister Isabelle Kaminer (‘15) and my brother Noah Kaminer (‘18) all attended East as well. My mom says it reminds her of when her and her brothers went to East, Ross Kaufman (‘95) and Andrew Kaufman (‘91). My siblings and I went through East much like my mom and her siblings. My sister, the oldest, parallels my mom while my brother is like my Uncle Andrew and I am like my Uncle Ross. In some way, I feel as though I am completing the legacy of my family.

Courtesy of Jeffrey Kaminer (’21)
Isabelle Kaminer graduated in 2015.

Coming into East, all of my family gave me advice and tips of clubs to try and teachers to meet.  I had a history at East the moment I walked into the building. I am following my family legacy, each person’s footsteps in a different way.

I lead my school in SGA just like my mom. Just like my brother and sister, I work in Blood Drive and compete in DECA. Like my sister and Uncle Ross, I am in Eastside. I played sports like my brother and Uncle Andrew. Many people also ask me why I am in the Chinese Student Association. I joined it because my brother was in the Indian Cultural Society and I wanted to do something like that because it seemed like lots of fun. That is what is great about East, I can see my family experience things before I do, and learn from it. At the same time, however, I make my own choices and develop my own persona.

Courtesy of Jeffrey Kaminer (’21)
Noah Kaminer graduated in 2018.

Growing up in Cherry Hill and having the option to choose between following my mom’s footsteps or my dad’s was a really cool opportunity that not many people get to experience. I lived my life having the opportunity to receive feedback from family members, since they already lived this life. My siblings helped too. Although, I am sure that I’m not the only one who had siblings and parents from East. A lot of my friends are siblings of my siblings’ friends who passed through East too. Our families are interconnected.

Everyone has their own experience at East and somehow many are still following a legacy. It becomes especially interesting when you include the staff at East. Many teachers were also students here and went to school with many students’ parents. Some teachers even become teachers at East because of teachers they have had at East; some even end up teaching together! East is very unique and it is renowned for developing a strong foundation for the growth of so many young adults, which is why many parents send their kids back here.

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