Chris Korneyev as Mr. Chris

Chris Korneyev as Mr. Chris

Q: What is your Mr. East name and what is the significance of it?
A: “Mr. Chris. It’s significant because it is my name.”

Q: What pop star did you choose to represent and why?
A: “We are having a little bit of an issue with my selection right now…I chose Beyonce but one of my co-patraints Rome chose Shakira so we are discussing if it’s ok to have 2 female stars. For now Beyonce.”

Q: How have you prepared for the competition so far?

“I have not. Most of my preparation is going to be taking place in my room (my piano is in there), during spring break.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the competition?
A: “Winning.”

Q: Who do you feel is your biggest competitor and why?
A:“The only one out of the nine competing that knows so much about my own psyche and about my flaws and insecurities is myself. So I think that the biggest challenge in overcoming these affirmation facets is myself.

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