Celebrating New Years: COVID-19 Edition

It’s important to not dwell on the ups and downs that emerged in respect to the unanticipated year that is 2020. However, what we can do is stay hopeful about what is to come in the future. As 2020 (and more importantly—Eastside’s Advent Calendar) comes to an end, remember to keep this promising mentality about 2021.

Now I know what you’re thinking. The coronavirus will not just disappear because it’s a new year, so why will this year be better? I’ll tell you why. After a series of unfortunate events, a new year filled with new opportunities is still something to celebrate. Here are some covid-friendly ways to celebrate the New Years in style.

1. Through the decades: Each member of your family will embody different eras through time. For example, one person could dress in ‘70s attire-long open leg pants, tie dye shirts, headband, fringe boots, and peace sign necklaces. Other family members could recreate looks from the 50’s, 60’s, 80’s and 90’s too. You could even each perform a lip synch of songs from your decade or recreate iconic snacks from each time period. Just get creative with it!

2. Partner duos: Pair up with another member of your family and each dress as a famous duo, Mickey and Minnie mouse, Woody and Buzz, Bonnie and Clyde, or Batman and Robin. Once your family has split into iconic duos, it’s family game night time! Pull out the old board games and do a series of competitions to see which side of the family deserves bragging rights for the whole upcoming year…no pressure though.

3. Balloon pick up: Write fortunes for the new year on small paper slips and insert them in balloons. Follow this step for a bunch of balloons and set all the balloons on the ground. After mixing them up, each family member will pick a balloon from the ground and pop it. Read the slip of paper to reveal how 2021 will be for you!

4. 2021 bucket list: This is your time to actually plan your goals out. Get a journal or poster board and write down specifics about goals you want to accomplish. Decorate them with drawings and stickers. Don’t forget to leave a space to check off goals once they are completed. Notice how I said ‘once’, not ‘if’. You got this!

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