Calculus AP students complete musical final exams

January 10, 2019

After the AP tests, most AP students have checked out of school and are ready for the long days of summer. But, for Calculus AP students, they aren’t quite off the hook yet without completing their well-known final project first. This infamous final project has been around for almost fifteen years and has proven to make students get creative with the material they learn in class.

“Students have the option for which type of final project they would like to do,” said Mr. Bill Semus, a Calculus AP teacher. “Some of the kids who are more mathematically inclined can do a project that’s purely math based, but some of the students who are more creative, they have other opportunities to express their creativity and express their knowledge of math at the same time.”

Students can make a music video, a song, or even a CSI-type presentation where they set up a mystery that they are trying to solve mathematically. The project does not have many restrictions, so students have wasted no time in getting creative with what they submit.

“I’ve heard a lot about this project from my friends who have already taken this class, so I’m excited to see what I will end up doing for it,” said Emma Stopek (‘19), who is taking Calc AP this year.

The students of Cherry Hill East have never failed to impress and the Calc AP students are certainly no exception. Check out some of their final projects below!

Video Courtesy of Jacob Berkowitz (‘19), Saurabh Shah(‘19), Anthony Fiore ( ‘19) and Brett Friedman (‘19).

Video courtesy of Charlie Hess (’19), Julia Langmuir (’19), Sophia Liang (’19) and Abbrielle Lindberg (’19).

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