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Beyonce: Renaissance World Tour

When it comes to concerts, no one does it like 32 Grammy winning megastar, Beyonce. The Renaissance World Tour features a three hour long extravaganza filled with magical special effects, stunning fashion moments, meticulous choreography, and of course, jaw-dropping vocals. The concert consists of a 40 song set list ranging from fan favorites such as “Crazy In Love” to recent hits like “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” and will be performed in 57 cities.

The concert consists of many visual props including a gigantic glittering horse, a tank that Beyonce rides, and a ultraviolet light that transforms Beyonce’s dress. Viewers around the world were taken aback by the sheer extravagance. The Renaissance World Tour, with no doubt, is Beyonce’s biggest-budget touring set yet. The futuristic chrome aesthetic remains prevalent throughout the concert from large robot hands that Beyonce performs with to a sparkling horse she rides to exit the show reminiscent of the one on the cover of the Renaissance album

The lack of Renaissance visuals, which fans anticipate after her award-winning visuals from previous works, has caused the Beyhive to become restless. On social media, the lack of visuals has been the subject of countless memes. During a concert interlude, Beyonce responds by making fun of the growing unrest. A voiceover alongside text read out on a screen says “You’ve asked for the visuals, you’ve called for the queen. But a queen moves at her own pace, b*tch, decides when she wants to give you a f*cking taste. So get your fork and spoon, if you got one.”

Beyonce’s wardrobe must not go unnoticed on this tour, though. This may be a concert, but it may double as a fashion show as well. From a custom Mugler bodysuit with a bee mask to multiple Alexander McQueens. At the beginning of each show, Beyonce pays tribute to a fashion designer that resides in that area by wearing one of their works.

Through Beyonce’s seventh album, Renaissance, she pays homage to the queer ballroom community through songs such as “BREAK MY SOUL”, “PURE/HONEY” and “SUMMER RENAISSANCE” She continues to do so during the tour as she features her own ball consisting of ballroom legends such as Honey Balenciaga. One thing about Beyonce is that the choreography will always be on point and it’s clear through the talented, Les Twins. These multi-talented brothers have worked with Beyonce in the past and are arguably some of the best dancers in the world.

As the Renaissance World Tour goes on, Beyonce introduces more and more surprises. Beyonce has never let us down and that remains clear through this tour. This three hour spectacle is a love letter to the world of music, dance, and fashion. It features numerous ground-breaking moments that will continue to inspire the future generations.

Beyonce stuns audiences with striking outfits and amazing vocals. (Courtesy of Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Parkland)

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