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April 10, 2021

Even as far back as the 1980s, the rhetoric in Congress was becoming increasingly incendiary. The 2016 election, however, dramatically increased the divisiveness in American politics. Not only globally, but around the dinner table and in Cherry Hill schools, more people began to discuss politics, which led to heated debates with friends and family. Whereas prior to the 2016 election, politics may not have seemed like it had a direct impact on most peoples’ daily lives, the 2016 Presidential candidates had such a polarizing effect that people now understand that what happens in Washington DC can be felt in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and all over the country.

Since that time many people who were not previously interested in politics have noticed that politicians take staunchly different positions on issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, abortion rights, climate change, gender rights, the COVID-19 crisis, taxes, gun control, and which judges to appoint to the Supreme Court. People understand that their votes count, and even if a candidate wins by a small margin, he or she can make radical changes that affect our lives.

Based on election results, it appears that roughly half the country identifies as conservative and the other half identifies as more liberal. Slight changes in voting habits can sway an election and change the country’s direction. Those who have opinions on how the country would be best served should become active in local politics.

Fortunately, Cherry Hill and our local area provides many opportunities. One way to become involved is to help with voter registration. Another way is to join an organization who supports a particular cause. In addition, individuals may contact their local city council and federal and state representatives and even attend town council meetings. Attending school board meetings, starting a blog, volunteering for a campaign, and attending rallies are other ways to promote certain causes. Many Facebook groups exist that support political action.

There are countless organizations spanning a variety of issues. A few of these include:

Camden County Democrat Committee
This organization supports candidates for public office who are aligned with Democratic strategies.
Camden County Republicans
This organization supports candidates for public office who are aligned with Republican strategies.
South Jersey Women for Progressive Change This group works to empower and educate women to fight for progressive change and end oppression.
4. League of Women voters of Camden County
This organization of men and women aims to protect voting rights and encourage widespread participation in elections and government.
5. Pride Fund to End Gun Violence
This political action committee supports candidates who support policies designed to end gun violence while protecting LGBTQ safety and equality.
6. New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund
This nonprofit organization aims to empower low and moderate income individuals by educating them on public policy issues, such as climate change, etc.

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