Alison Bildner and Carson Altomonte as Dance Chairs

Alison Bildner and Carson Altomonte as Dance Chairs

Q: What is the main role of the dance chairs?
Alison: “We want to create an effective opening number that’s going to make sure that everyone remembers this year’s Mr. East.”
Carson: “[The opening number] is an introduction to the theme and it’s the first time the audience is going to see the ‘pop stars’ so we want to make sure that they each have their own section of the music so that they’re introduced. It gets everyone excited for what they’re going to see later in the show.”

Q: How were you guys chosen as the dance chairs?
Alison: “There was a Google Form application and they asked about our previous dance experience. Carson and I both dance competitively so that obviously played into it.”

Q: What is your plan for the choreography?
Alison: “The beginning of the dance is just going to be [the contestants] kind of introducing themselves. Each boy has their own song in the music so they’re each going to have their own time to shine while the other guys stand in the back and hype them up.”

Q: How much have you practiced/choreographed so far?
Carson: “A lot of it was planning ahead with the music section and just organizing when each contestant would have their solos. We have planned out 30 second moments for each of the guys. We’re going to work with them in person on their solo sections.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a dance chair?
Alison: “Creativity is a huge aspect…The theme is really nice because we love the songs we chose this year.”
Carson: “I would say the music is really fun.”

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