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Conservation Club

Conservation Club is a club focused on raising money and awareness for environmental conservation. Being a relatively new club, they are eager to have more people involved and instill the passion for change in other students at East. Their motto, “conserving the earth, one community at a time” leads them in their events and encourages them in their nature preservation efforts. In this interview, we asked Yulissa Trinidad (‘24), president, and Ella Kang (‘24), secretary and media manager, some questions about their club.

Q&A with Yulissa Trinidad (’24) and Ella Kang (’24)

Q: In what ways does your club give back to the community?
A: “We are helping the Earth, we help cleanup the trash on streets or parks, and We also give students in our club community service hours based on the work they do.” -Trinidad (’24)

Q: Why do you feel East needed this club?
A: “There wasn’t really a club like it before so we are filling that spot up.” -Kang (’24)

Q: How much does it mean to you guys to get to organize this club?
A: “I feel honored because last year, I met a friend in orchestra and she also did the conservation club. Basically, she told me “Do you want to be part of this club?” And I was like “Yeah, why not.” So, after that, I just decided to go and then, they gave me the role of president. It was a good, serendipitous moment.” -Trinidad (’24)

Q: What events are you guys planning for this year?
A: “Right now, we have a bake sale — November 2nd! We also plan on doing cleanup trails. These two things are our main aspects of our club.We use the money earned from bake sales for future fundraisers and to donate to charity.”- Trinidad (’24)

Q: How can people get involved?
A: “They can look at our instagram, @checonservation, and our bio has our google classroom code. We also post upcoming events and meetings on both of those platforms” – Kang (’24)

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