Sherin Nassar, Eastside Managing Editor

Sherin Nassar used to be THAT girl who couldn’t finish a sentence without sharing a fact—not just any fact, but a random one at that. At the ripe age of 17, she has decided to retire as the official fact extraordinaire. Instead, she has opted to become either a psychic or a mind reader. However, she predicts that she will become a psychic. Before Sherin begins this new journey, she has left us all with some of her most confidential facts. 1) Sherin was named after a palace; 2) Sherin accidentally roasted her pet turtle, Sheldon; 3) Sherin is a licensed scuba diver; 4) Sherin is training to be an Olympian (with her new occupation, she is working on envisioning the particular sport to which she will dedicate her training); 5) Sherin only trips when she walks backwards or when she is standing still. Sherin believes that these facts will shock people. She hopes that people will be so shocked that they will consider joining her super-secret project for MTV that may or may not be affiliated with a four-year-old British girl’s Christmas-themed puppet show.

All content by Sherin Nassar