The 2021 Cherry Hill East Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees after getting inducted. (Yena Son ('22))
The 2021 Cherry Hill East Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees after getting inducted.

Yena Son ('22)

The 2021 East Athletic Hall of Fame

December 8, 2021

The Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony on November 27 inducted 15 athletes, 2 coaches, and 1 staff member for their achievements and dedication to East’s athletic program. At Indian Springs Country Club, 2021 inductees ranging from the class of 1970 to 2000 gave speeches emphasizing how much it means to be a member of the Athletic Hall of Fame. They also explained the impact East athletics had on their careers and who they are as people. Unfortunately, the ceremony was unable to honor Rick Fisher, Jay Dillenschneider, and Lori Miller as they were not able to be in attendance. A special thanks goes out to Fred Belchikoff, Ed Canzanese and the Hall of fame committee for putting together such a wonderful afternoon in celebration of all of the honorees.


Yena Son ('22)

Mike McBride (1970) was inducted into the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.

Mike McBride (1970)

Mike McBride, a graduate from the class of 1970, was privileged to start all 4 years for football, basketball and baseball. After high school, McBride walked on to the U.S. Naval Academy’s football team.

“I was the only person to ever get hit at basketball practice with a shotput”

“I always made it a point to get together with teammates when coming back home”
“East prepared me for the toughest job: being a husband, dad, and poppop”


Yena Son ('22)

Ed Kornberger (1972) was inducted into the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.

Ed Kornberger (1972)

Ed Kornberger, a graduate from the class of 1972, played football, basketball, and baseball while he attended East. During Kornberger’s junior year, he was selected as an All-Group 4 player in each sport. After his career at East, he attended Duke University on a full basketball scholarship.

“None of the inductees would be here without such tremendous support”

“We took buses over to the Woodcrest Grammar School where we practiced…all of a sudden you reflect on things like that and remember how special times were”

“You think about the teammates that ended up in your wedding and think about those who aren’t with us anymore…then you think about how lucky you are to have people in your life that really make a difference…that mold you into the people that you become”


Yena Son ('22)

Brad Pomeroy (1977) was inducted into the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.

Brad Pomeroy (1977)

Brad Pomeroy, a graduate from the class of 1977, 9 varsity letter athlete for cross country as well as winter and spring track. After his career at East, Pomeroy ran at Rutgers University.

“I don’t think I have ever been asked to speak in high school, I always asked to shut up”

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the the support”… encouraged to try out for track

“I was never good at baseball, but I was good at running the bases”

“I had million dollar legs and a ten cent head”

“Maybe they weren’t that good at running but the coaches encouraged you and can’t help but think how much better it made them in life”


Yena Son ('22)

Andy Branin speaks on behalf of his father, Ed Branin, at the 2021 Athletic Fall of Fame Induction.

Ed Branin (Contributor)

Ed Branin became CHE’s assistant principal in charge of budgeting and athletic administration and support. He actively supported the athletic teams and coaches to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, Ed Branin is no longer with us and therefore represented by his children: Bonnie Treynor (71), Kim Branin (1973), Andy Branin (1977), and Tom Branin (1982). His son Andy speaks on behalf of him:

“An immense honor to honor him and represent him today”
“Reflecting on memories, with an attempt to do him justice”

“My father was dedicated to serving others…he was a man of courage and a man of faith…took advantage of the opportunities given to him”

“Words were meaningless if they were not represented by actions”

“He did not just tell you good luck, he showed up”

“He would have felt so honored, and he would have enjoyed seeing all of the familiar faces here this afternoon”


Yena Son ('22)

Duo Jeff Presant (1980) and Wayne Streibich (1980) were both inducted into the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.

Jeff Presant (1980) and Wayne Streibich (1980)

Jeff Presant and Wayne Streibich, graduates of the class of 1980, were members of the Varsity Tennis team. In their junior and senior years, they went undefeated, doubled up together, with a record of 52-0. They were named first team All-Conference, first team All-South Jersey, and first team All-State. They asked to be introduced together, considering they were the best duo.

Jeff Presant (1980):
“Practice makes perfect, no ones perfect so why practice”

Wayne Streibich (1980):
“More than a partner, Jeff has been one of my best friends for my entire life”

“Being a doubles partner is more like a marriage… I have been told many many times that our marital steps on the court were very entertaining”

“In 79 and 80 our team was very close on and off the court”

“I hope everyone makes it about the team on the court…It’s not about me it’s about us”

“The greatest victories are those that are shared with others”


Yena Son ('22)

Nancy Davis (1980) was inducted into the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.

Nancy Davis (1980)

Nancy Davis, a graduate from the class of 1980, played softball and basketball. For basketball, Davis was selected as a first team All-South Jersey player. After her career at East, Davis went off to play basketball at Davis and Elkins College.

“I feel blessed that we are given this talent to succeed, not just through our sport, but through our endeavors”

“What we went through and experienced in high school, prepared us for our futures and our lives”

“Truly blessed to be here”


Yena Son ('22)

Karen Fitzpatrick was inducted into the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.

Karen Fitzpatrick – Girls Field Hockey and Basketball Coach

After graduating from West Chester University in 1973, Karen Fitzpatrick began her coaching career at East, After years of being the assistant coach, Fitzpatrick became the head field hockey coach, coaching her team to 4 South Jersey Conference State Championships. Her final year coaching, the team won the Group IV State Championship and finished the season out with a 18-0-1 record. In 1980, Fitzpatrick was selected as the field hockey coach for Ball State University.

“A coaches success is mostly measured in their win loss record and how many championships they have won…but the true joy in coaching comes from watching a player develop”

“The other thing that made coaching so fun is seeing individuals become a team”

“One special memory I want to share is a little scenario after the Group 4 South Jersey Championship, we just squeaked it out in the last 5 minutes of the game…on the bus everyone was laughing singing like we always did…3 forwards sitting behind me in deep conversation…Dj said, ‘we promise that we will never play like that again,’ even though they won they were not happy with how the game went, those forwards ended up scoring 5 or 7 goals in the next couple of games with no goals scored against us, undefeated top ranked team”

“Seeing the determination and the commitment made to each other and to the team was like no other”


Yena Son ('22)

Kevin Foley speaks on behalf of Cliff Foley (1987) at the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction.

Cliff Foley represented by Kevin Foley – Hall of Fame Inductee and Brother (1987)

Cliff Foley, graduate from the class of 1987, was a 3-year starting quarterback and a 3-year starter in baseball. Foley was selected as an All-South Jersey player 3 times. After his career at East, Foley accepted a scholarship to play baseball at Villanova university. Unfortunately, Cliff Foley is no longer with us, however his memory will not only be cherished in the Athletic Hall of Fame, but also through his family and everyone he knew. Kevin Foley took the honor to speak on behalf of his brother.

“First discovered Cliff talents when he was 9 years old…if anyone needed to run back a couple of miles to get the luggage that fell of the top of the car it would be 9 year old Cliff”

“Hitting bombs in little league, 3 year starter quarterback and 4 year starter in baseball at CHE”

“At his core, he was all about making others laugh”


Yena Son ('22)

Dan Beaney (1989) is inducted into the 2021 Hall of Fame.

Dan Beaney (1989)

Dan Beaney, graduate of the class of 1989, played varsity soccer for 3 years at East. In Beaney’s junior year, he led his team to the group IV state championship. His senior year, he was the team captain, MVP, All-South Jersey, All-State, and NJ Defensive Player of the year. After high school, Beany accepted a full-athletic scholarship to play soccer at UCLA.

“I look back on New Jersey and look back on the impact it’s had on me, not just with soccer, but also on my life”


Yena Son ('22)

Teneacia Smith (1993) was inducted into the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.

Teneacia Smith (1993)

Teneacia Smith, a graduate from the class of 1993, ran track and participated in field events, which allowed her to make the All-South Jersey team and compete in the NJ State Meet of Champions.

“When I come back and I see everyone out here, it’s wonderful to see everyone together”


Yena Son ('22)

Jessica Naumann Semar (1999) was inducted into the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.

Jessica Naumann Semar (1999)

Jessica Naumann, a graduate from the class of 1999, was a four year varsity soccer player and senior captain, 3 year varsity lacrosse player, and 4 year varsity swimmer and senior captain. In Naumann’s last 3 years at East, she was a part of the state championship swim team. After her career at East, Naumann swam at TCNJ.

“Successful as I was in swimming because of the other sports I participated in”

“No fun doing it by yourself, you need a team to surround you”


Yena Son ('22)

Marcus Bullock (2000) was inducted into the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.

Marcus Bullock (2000)

Marcus Bullock, graduate of the class of 2000, was a 4-year varsity winner on the basketball team. In Beany’s junior year, he led his team to the group IV state championship. During his junior and senior seasons, Bullock led his team as the captain. Bullock was an all-conference, first team All-South Jersey, and second team All-State player. After his career at East, he was a 4-year starter at the University of New Hampshire.

“Being the first from the class of 2000 is pretty special and I appreciate that, so thank you”

“Roll Cougs”


Yena Son ('22)

Fred Knouse was inducted into the 2021 Athletic Hall of Fame.

Fred Knouse (Boys Swimming Coach)

Fred Krouse began his career at East in 1968 and coached his swim teams to 21 conference championships, 15 sectional championships and 10 state championships during his tenure. In 1999, Fred retired to his home in Medford with his wife, Barb.

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