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The seniors beat out the juniors with a final score of 40-22.

Seniors pull out a win against the juniors in the annual Powder Puff football game

November 1, 2016

The seniors beat the juniors in the annual Powder Puff football game 40-22.  Both teams played a tough game and the juniors kept up with the experienced seniors.

Junior Head Coach Andrew Austin (’18) said, “I felt pretty confident [going into the game], we prepared a lot and we worked on it for about three weeks.”

The Class of 2018 started off strong with the toss but immediately lost the ball to an interception by the seniors.  Jordan Simhony (’17) made the first touchdown of the game and Jordan Madrid (‘17) kept it up with a kick for the extra point.

The juniors made it to fourth down on the 40 and Nicole Hammerquist (’18) missed the mark by one yard.  The seniors start first down on the 28 and Adina Weiss (‘17) ran 72 yards to make a probable second touchdown for the senior class.  The refs called her down afterward and did not count the touchdown.

“Our defense and our offensive lines blocking [are] definitely the backbone of our team,” said Senior Head Coach Skyler Colton (’17). “Without them we would not have been able to make those big runs.”

The senior coaches called a timeout at fourth down, but the seniors did not convert on fourth down.  At the end of the first quarter the juniors were at first and seven.  

Into the second quarter at a fourth down, Grace Donahue (’18) missed the field goal for the juniors.  The class of 2017 started on the juniors’ 15 and played until first and goal when Dahyo Coleman (’17) threw an incomplete pass to the end zone.  On second down, Coleman passed to Karli Wulwick (’17) in the end zone for the seniors’ second touchdown.  Madrid made the extra point once again to raise the score to 16-0 seniors.

“It was overall commitment from everyone, they all joined in and did their job.  They did more than what I asked them to do… I was honored to be their coach,” said Colton.

The junior class started on the seniors’ 35 and Kayla DeGuzman (’18) ran 65 yards to the end zone, where she scored the first 6 points for the juniors and Donahue (’18) scored the seventh with a kick.

The seniors used their second quarter timeout at third down.  They got back to first down on the seven-yard line thanks to Erica Thunberg (’17).  Simhony made it to the end zone and Madrid continued with a successful kick.

This year we were able to win it, it’s the greatest feeling on earth, I’m so happy.

— Skyler Colton

The juniors lost 5 yards during first down due to a false start and then Nicolette Warrington (’18) was down on the seniors’ 36.  DeGuzman ran 64 more yards for a touchdown for the class of 2018 and Donahue scored the extra point.

Austin said, “DeGuzman really knows how to see the field.”

The seniors were at fourth down with 5 seconds left in the half when the refs called unnecessary roughness and the first half ended with a score of 24-16, the juniors only down by one touchdown.

The seniors started on the juniors’ 35 at first down and  the refs called a false start on Thunberg.  The seniors made it to fourth down and punted from the 31, where DeGuzman muffed the catch.

The juniors received an offensive penalty for too many players on the field and Autumn Robinson (’17) got a penalty for the seniors when grabbing Hammerquist’s shirt during second down.

“Our offense needed some work, and, honestly, the stupid mistakes, the penalties, a lot of it could’ve been fixed and we will work on that next year,” said Austin.

After a struggle to fourth down for the juniors, the seniors regained possession and called a timeout after first down.  The third quarter ended with no more points scored and the seniors at second down.

Kaylee Ramkissoon (’17) started off the fourth quarter strong with a touchdown for the seniors and Madrid made 6 points 8 with another successful kick.

After a couple downs, the juniors were penalized once again for too many people on the field and they were pushed back to second and 22.   The class of 2018 got back to first and goal from the 7, where Donahue ran the ball to the second yard line.  Donahue ran again to the first yard line and Abby Calisterio (’18) touched down for the juniors, but Donahue (’18) missed the extra point.  The score stood at 32-22, the seniors still in the lead.

Madrid scored a touchdown from second down at the juniors’ 22 and followed it up with an extra point.  The juniors made it to second down on the 24 before they lost the ball to the seniors.

“I was expecting a hard fight, that’s what we got,” said Austin.

The 2016 Powder Puff game finished at senior first down on the juniors’ 15 with the score 40-22 and a Class of 2017 victory.

Colton said, “This year we were able to win it, it’s the greatest feeling on earth, I’m so happy.”

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