Lakers have tough road ahead

The Los Angles Lakers have been taking the NBA by storm. With a 38-9 record the Lakers look like they have a good chance of returning to the NBA Finals. Last night the Lakers defeated the New York Knicks, 126-117, in a high scoring affair which Kobe Bryant contributed by scoring 61 points. Bryant looked great, while he made impossible shots look easy. Unfortunately, the Lakers have hit a major obstacle.

The Lakers lost their starting Center, Andrew Bynum. Bynum is going to be out 8-12 weeks with a torn MCL. Bynum got hurt in the first quarter of Saturday night’s win at Memphis. The next question becomes if the Lakers can continue their remarkable season without Bynum. Bynum, has been averaging 14 PPG, and 8.2 RPG. Losing Bynum could be devestating to the Lakers.

The Lakers made the NBA Finals last year without Bynum, but is it possible for them to return without a healthy Bynum. Even if he returns, would he be anywhere close to a hundred percent?

There has also been talk about possible trade rumors, in which the Lakers would receive another big playmaker. There has been talk about Brad Miller being traded to the Lakers.

The Lakers may be a little worried, and Andrew Bynum may need another half-year to recover, but Kobe Bryant has it all covered.