Field hockey loses to Washington Township

Although the game started a half-hour late due to Washington Township’s bus being late, the Cherry Hill East Varsity Field Hockey team was ready to play.

Township scored within the first 20 seconds, catching East off-guard. Throughout the entire game, East had skilled passes, yet could not progress from there to scoring goals. By halftime, the score was 4-0 Washington Township.

Township scored twice more bringing the score to 6-0 before East had an offensive breakthrough, with 10 minutes and 45 seconds left in the game. However, after several corners (which are plays in field hockey where players from the defensive team align 4 players plus the goalie in the goal, as the offensive team has a hitter on the corner of the field with their players lined up in the semicircle around the goal zone), East was unsuccessful in scoring, although they were close on a couple occasions. Overall throughout the game, both teams had a lot of high hits, which are very dangerous in field hockey and led to several penalty calls by the referees and changes of possession.

Township had possession of the ball for the next several minutes, until East gained possession shortly with a minute and twenty seconds left in the game. Then Township was awarded a corner with a minute left, though not scoring again. After their second corner in that play, the teams let the clock run.

The final score was 6-0, Township. Better luck next time, East!