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Fantasy football column 9


Aaron Rodgers @ TEN- There will be better days for Aaron and the cheeseheads. Tennessee is a top 5 overall defense and still undefeated. In Tennessee, Rodgers will have his good throws but an overall mediocre day at best.

Kurt Warner @ STL- This could go either way for Warner. St. Louis’s secondary is still not great but they have improved their pass rush greatly since Haslett became head coach. If Warner has time, he will pick apart this team, but that is a big IF.

Jay Cutler vs. MIA- This is a good matchup for Cutler. Miami can be thrown on and Cutler and the Broncos do it best as a team. Miami will be undermanned guarding Marshall, Royal, and Scheffler.

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Brett Favre @ BUF- This will be a tough matchup for Favre. Favre has made some bad throws and overall has given many fantasy owners headaches. Going to Buffalo will be tough but if he is within 1 score with 2 minutes left, you better believe he will find a way to score.

Donovan McNabb @ SEA- Great matchup for McNabb. Now with Curtis and Westbrook back McNabb takes a high powered offense across the country to battle an awful secondary. McNabb should have a field day


Kyle Orton vs. DET- Orton has led a mediocre offense into a surprisingly good one. Now the 0-7 Lions come to town and last time these 2 teams met the score was 34-0. You do the math on this one.


Derek Anderson vs. BAL- This will be a good game but Anderson will not be the reason why. Ravens defense has been solid all year and Anderson is too risky to play this week.


Clinton Portis vs. PIT- This guy seems unstoppable lately. With that said, Pittsburgh’s defense is nothing to write off. This will be a tougher one for Portis on the eve of election day but he will put up respectable numbers in what should be a great game.

Marion Barber @ NYG- This will be a bad matchup for Barber. Without Romo, the formidable Giants defense will focus on Barber and that is not good considering that he is on the road as well.

Matt Forte @ DET- This matchup is salivating for owners who have him. Forte is statistically the 6th best RB in most leagues and Detroit is bottom of the league in total defense. Forte should find the end zone. Any ideas for his TD celebrations (you might need multiple this week)?

Adrian Peterson vs. HOU- Houston’s defense has its good days and bad days. Peterson will be the main focus of Houston’s attack but can they stop him? Some teams just can’t stop Peterson and I think Houston is one of them.

Michael Turner @ OAK- Does Oakland’s run defense scare anyone? No. Does Michael Turner scare defenses? Yes. This should be brutal if you are a Raiders fan but great if you are a Atlanta fan and/or Turner owner.


Brian Westbrook @ SEA- Now that he is fully healthy from his injury, he should absolutely obliterate this injured defense. Westbrook got 167 yards and 2 TDs last week against Atlanta. Maybe he can hit 200 yards against Seattle.


Steve Slaton @ MIN- Minnesota is a potent run defense. As good as Slaton has been, this is not a great matchup for him. He only averages 68 YPG and Minnesota lets up 70 YPG. Maybe he can find the end zone but don’t expect yards at all.


Larry Fitzgerald @ STL- His potential counterpart, Tye Hill, may not be ready this week. Fitzgerald will be burning whoever guards him. With that said, he is not the red zone guy for Arizona. That job is Boldin’s. So expect yards but he may not reach the end zone.

Roddy White @ OAK- This could be a tough matchup for him going up against Nnamdi Asomugha. He did well against Asante Samuel so he could have a chance here. Don’t expect miracles but expect him to get enough to be satisfied.

Greg Jennings @ TEN- This will be a tough matchup for Jennings who was non-existent last week. Maybe Jennings can burn the defense once but it will be a mammoth task to do.

Reggie Wayne vs. NE- Wayne is coming into this game a little banged up but at the same time, New England has no secondary recently. Rodney Harrison is done for the year and they just cut Fernando Bryant. Deltha O’Neal shouldn’t give Wayne much trouble but check his status on Sunday.

Andre Johnson @ MIN- Andre Johnson might arguably be the best WR in the NFL. Minnesota’s pass defense still isn’t what it was supposed to be. Minnesota does get Madeiu Williams back at Safety but that won’t change Andre’s stats. If Houston can protect Schaub, Andre could have a career day.


Anquan Boldin @ STL- Boldin is the red zone guy for Arizona. He may score multiple times against a less than average secondary.


TJ Houshmandzadeh vs. JAC- Going up against Rashean Mathis will not be an easy matchup at all and he still doesn’t have Palmer throwing it to him. It looks like 0-9 for Cincy.


Jason Witten @ NYG- Witten may not play and if he does, don’t expect much anyway. Witten has been unproductive lately and only has 2 TDs in 8 weeks. Giants are looking for a big win and shutting down Witten and Barber will be key.

Tony Gonzalez vs. TB- Gonzalez may have a good matchup here. Even though Tampa has been a great defense, they are vulnerable against the Tight End. Plus, the emergence of Tyler Thigpen gives the Chiefs hope that they can get him the ball.

Dallas Clark vs. NE- Clark had a career day last week scoring twice against Tennessee. New England may be a decent matchup without Harrison but he will have to worry about rookie standout Jerod Mayo.

Kellen Winslow vs. BAL- Winslow will have an OK day. Winslow will get his share of looks but the question is whether Anderson gets him the ball. Don’t expect much from him, but if Anderson doesn’t make mistakes, he could have a great day.

Chris Cooley vs. PIT- Cooley is that guy who always finds his way into the end zone. I think he will this week too.


Heath Miller @ WAS- Miller has been unproductive this week. Some time, he will have to pick it up. In a game where Parker returns and the Redskins will focus on the WR, Miller may be unnoticed and could have a decent day.

Dustin Keller @ BUF- Keller hasn’t been in the gameplan for the Jets that much this season so those of you who think he has a chance, find someone else.

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