East Winter Track

East’s girls and boys winter track team competed in the Olympic Conference indoor track meet Friday, December 19th, at the Bennett Sports Complex in Tom’s River North, N.J.

Nate Burt (’09) stole first place in the 1600 meter race with a four minutes and 45 second mile. Dave Berger (’09) also took first in the 800 meter run with two minutes and six seconds. Remy Kahn (’11) came in second place in the pole vault.

Although no one from the girls’ team placed in the top three, Maddie Cattuna (’09) came close when she took fourth in the pole vault, Gina Villeco (’11) came in fifth place in the finals with 7.94 seconds for the 55 meter dash and Meghan Marro (’09) took sixth with two minutes and 36 seconds in the 800 meter race.