East suffers heartbreaker at the hands of Shawnee

Greg Frank ('13), Eastside Staff

The Cougars Boys’ Soccer team headed into Thursday afternoon’s matinee with Shawnee needing a win to solidify a spot in the playoffs.  A win would boost their record to 8-8. Though Coach Karl Mohelman said earlier in the week that there was still a chance they could qualify at 7-9, there would be no doubts at 8-8.

Early on, it didn’t appear that the sense of urgency was there for East.  16 minutes into the game, Shawnee took an early 1-0 lead.  Only four minutes later, in the 20th minute, did they strike again and before you could blink the Cougars were behind the eight ball early trailing 2-0 with the game less than a quarter complete.

As the 1st half progressed, each team had a couple of scoring chances.  However, neither team put the ball across the goal line and after 45 minutes of play the 2-0 advantage that Shawnee had gained early in the first half was holding up.

In the 2nd half, sadly for the Cougars, it was more of the same.  Shawnee did a good job preventing lots of high-quality scoring chances, and while East’s defense held strong as well, they needed some more offense, and weren’t able to find it.  The score held 2-0 throughout, and the Cougars dropped to 7-9 on the season.

They will have to wait and see on whether or not they will qualify for the postseason or not now.  One thing’s for certain, they travel to Cherry Hill West on Monday to take on the cross-town rival Lions.