East Athletics Department: Looking back at the Fall Sports Season

November 22, 2016

That is what fall sports here at East are all about, bonds that can never be broken. Effort that is unbeatable, and Whether you’re an upperclassmen or a freshman, a tight knit family will be formed.

After the school bell rings most students leave for the bus, or go to the library to get some work done. These students however, are the “G- Wingers” who are working hard to bring home a trophy for our school.

Practice isn’t always easy especially for some freshman walking in during the end of summer wondering if they will make the team or wondering if everyone will be friends will everyone.

“Definitely the first day of practice I was scared…but after the first day I knew everyone and everyone was so nice,” saidPaige Schell (Volleyball ’20).

Every freshman has said that they were scared but once they knew the team East became smaller. They also said that since they came earlier for practices they knew the building before the first day was even there.

It definitely made the school smaller because I had a [friend] base and it was really nice

— Lily Cohen

“It definitely made the school smaller because I had a [friend] base and it was really nice,” said Lily Cohen (Cheerleading ’20).

All fall sports players started with a base, a great base of friendships which will last for a long time. Walking through the halls and getting to see your friend from Field hockey of from soccer and knowing you belong somewhere in such a large school.

“I’ve made a lot of friends freshman year that built up to my sophomore year we have psych parties every Sunday,” said Sharon Um (Volleyball ’19).

“We really bonded as a team we really have chemistry,” said Dylan Holder (Soccer ‘17).

Friendship isn’t the only thing that pulls a team, while great bonds and communication helps determination is needed to keep going for the win. Being able to pick yourself up after a loss or after a bad first half is what determination is all about.

“We had some games that it was really hard to get through then we sort of bounced back,” said Carly Ciocco (Field Hockey ‘19).

Many teams had rough times to get through but there are ways to improve and ways to get back. Drilling, team work and effort in practice are ways to have a better season. Nobody’s perfect everyone has room for improvement.

“I think our problems were just like practice and overall like morals and work ethic I feel like I could really improve on that for the entire team next year,” said Tim Welsh(Football ‘18).

“More stunts …more cheers and being together and a lot more practice,” said Crissandi Howe (‘18).

Many of the teams however, they finished out with a great season. Field Hockey had a wonderful season getting into the semi-finales which is the best in over forty years. Cross country made it all the way to sectionals, and Volleyball was undefeated for a long time until they reached quarter-finals.

Cheerleading had a great performance remembering the cheers and getting the crowd excited, and Football was able to get a win after a tough season of working hard.

All teams did wonderful job throughout the fall season, now all these sports are all wrapped up until next year.

Good luck to the graduating class of 2017 and as always Roll cougs!

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