Mr. Tomaszewski transitions to life as an East teacher

March 6, 2020

Mr John Tomaszewski may be new to Cherry Hill East, but not to being a teacher. Tomaszewski is a new math teacher at East for the 2019-2020 school year, and has been teaching for thirteen years prior to coming to East. Not only is he teaching math here, but he has also taught high school math in South Philadelphia and in Wilmington.

Tomaszweski’s family moved to New Jersey a couple of years ago, so he wanted to teach at a school close to home. “I wanted to be at a new school close to home [and teach] at a high performance school like East.” Tomaszewski said. 

In addition to his proximity to the school and love for the academic reputation at East, adjusting to the East atmosphere hasn’t been very difficult for Tomaszewski so far. 

“I love it here” Tomaszewski said. He admits that getting along well with the students and staff here at East has been very comfortable and he already enjoys being a part of the East community. He acknowledges that here, “students are great and faculty is welcoming”. 

This community of great faculty and students, as Tomaszewski describes it, is a reason why he loves the school. Not only does Tomaszewski enjoy being around his students and staff, they love being around him.

Students are already getting familiar with Tomaszewski and enjoying his class. “I like that he makes the class enjoyable by smiling every day because it shows me that he truly cares about his students.” said Obinna Okorie (‘20).

Okories reference to the energy Tomaszewski brings to his class is what many students and staff are enjoying now and looking forward to.

Once he gets more comfortable, Tomaszewski plans on being involved in clubs and activities here. “I’ve had some experience coaching track and field. Cross country is something I’ve done in the past so maybe I can get back into that.” said Tomaszewski. 

For the students who would like to become closer to Tomaszewski, talking about some of his interests such as baseball, football, and college basketball, especially Vilanova basketball, would be a good idea. 

So, through his love for academia, students, staff, and clubs, Tomaszewski is hoping for a bright future at East, one which can be achieved.

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