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November 11, 2019

Welcome to Eastside Online’s multimedia mania preview! Throughout the months of November and December, Eastside Online will be featuring special in-depth reporting on a few subjects, including weight loss, the many generations of East, hacking, and more. Here’s a sneek peek for the packages coming over the next couple weeks.

The Generations of East

Has Cherry Hill East changed throughout the years or does it continue to remain the same? That is one question that many East students continually ask themselves.  Students either question the schools major focus on academics or the schools lack of spirit. Many students wonder, “Has it always been this way?” Cherry Hill East has been around for 52 years.  During these years, some things have remained the same, when other things have changed drastically. Cherry Hill East has had many generations of students throughout its 52 years. Each year new faces enter East and familiar faces leave.  A good deal of students have had relatives who attended East, years before them. Some students had parents, aunts, uncles and even grandparents who went to East. In this package, you will learn all about the different generations of East students and find out how East has evolved through the years.  It’ll compare the current students and their relatives experiences at East. Stay tuned for this package.

Hacking @ East

One of the most consequential events to occur at East over the last two months, an alleged hacking in the school district, has engulfed the public conversation at East. So, what actually occurred and what was simply a fabricated rumor? How did this alleged hack affect administrators, teachers, and students? What have people done to work around the problems caused by this hack to resume teaching and learning as usual? Have other districts and schools outside of Cherry Hill been hacked or affected by similar technological issues? Added on to answering these burning questions, the upcoming multimedia package also covers plenty of hacks which occured to businesses around the United States, and the major effect they had on people.  Along with this, many of the different types of specific types of hacks are broken down into concepts and language easy for anyone average person to understand. For all of this information and so much more, make sure to tune into the upcoming multimedia package on hacking

Weight Loss

The “Weight Loss” multimedia package explores the unique health journeys of students at East, ranging from athletes that lost weight to further their pursuits to students that gained muscular strength. It delves into the intricate facets involving weight transformations, including controversial subjects such as fad diets, eating disorders, and unhealthy weight loss. The package will shed light on the ups and downs of health journeys, and their effects, both internal and external.

Uber (LIVE NOW – Click HERE to view)

Nowadays, getting around is as easy as the click of a button on your phone. You simply open a rideshare app, like Uber or Lyft. But what happens that you don’t see? And what are the real rules for ridesharing? In this package, Eastside explores the many facets of Uber, both good and bad.

F087: The Eastside Story

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