Teenagers don’t know how to date anymore

August 12, 2018

Has dating become a thing of the past? What used to be considered the requirements of a proper date seemed to have slowly become less and less necessary as years pass. Now, instead of dates, couples just “hangout.” Dating culture has seemingly evolved into a vicious cycle of constant text messages and Snapchat streaks. People rarely seem to go on dates and spend quality time with one another anymore. Young kids are learning that putting your significant other’s initials or the date that you started dating in your Instagram bio is necessary in order to validate your relationship. And most importantly, if they aren’t your best friend on Snapchat then who even are they? Of course, these interesting displays of affection may mean more to some than to others, but it seems that a lot of teenagers have forgotten what dating used to be like. But if you’re struggling to find a date, however, sites like Spdate have your back.

Whatever happened to picking a girl up and going to the door to meet her parents? Or going to dinner and a movie instead of just FaceTiming one another when you’re bored? No one even has to feel the fear or excitement of asking someone out in person anymore since all we have to do now is send a quick text asking “wyd”. Everyone seems to neglect how we should treat one another when in a relationship. Instead of snooping through each others messages or DM’s, have some faith in your partner and trust them. Go out more often. A fun date idea could be a trip to the aquarium or to a museum or taking the train into the city for the night, not just laying around at home and watching Netflix. There are so many ways to bring dating back to life, but sometimes we just need a little push.

One of the hardest parts about dating in millennial culture is the labels. No one is ever dating, they are either just “talking” or a “thing.” What defines talking? I have no idea. What does it mean when two people are a “thing?” I also have no idea. It’s like walking on eggshells: no one wants to call their so-called “relationship” something that it’s not and scare off the other person. A lot of people seem to be afraid of commitment and having an open conversation with their significant other, which is key to having a successful relationship.

Teenagers need to learn how to properly date one another again. Planning fun dates and buying flowers or holding open the door for one another shouldn’t just be a thing of the past. Bring romance back! Compliment one another in person, and not just over text. Make an effort to show that you care, and maybe one day we’ll all get the hang of this “dating” thing.

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