Vegetarian Reflection: Max Cohen (’12)

I’ve never been oblivious to the apparent negative aspects of eating meat. Despite reading Fast Food Nation and reading news briefs about mistreatment of animals in factories, the idea of becoming vegetarian never hit home.  However, I guess Eastside gave enough of a reason to try it out.  Ultimately, my three-week stint of vegetarianism changed my life little.  It was a nice little experiment, but I felt the same as a vegetarian and acted in the same manner.  The time I felt most tempted to eat meat or fish was actually at synagogue.  The lox and tuna fish seemed very appealing after a vigorous service.  However, as I reached down for some tuna fish, I remembered my new temporary way of life.  It became somewhat annoying going out to dinner either with friends or family because the overwhelming desire of my taste buds was to devour meat.  My friends and family were never bothered by my vegetarianism except for Harrison Kim (’12) when I refused to eat at Panera Bread due to my feeling they had a lack of vegetarian options. 

My first consumption of meat occurred the very night the experiment ended as I happily ate a Panchero’s burrito at’s (the summer’s first ever online late night talk show) burrito-eating contest.  I did not participate in the competition to be nice to my stomach on its return to digesting meat.  Although I stayed strong to my vegetarian duties for three weeks, I will never hesitate to eat a burrito in the future.