Students plan Have a Heart Food Drive

Students met on January 26 for the first meeting of the Have a Heart Food Drive.

With 87 thousand people in South Jersey at risk of going hungry, club president Gwyneth Manser (’09) founded this club to help those in the community.

“It’s a really good cause. Since all of the food goes to the South Jersey food bank, a lot of it gets used to help feed those in the community,” said Manser.

Students in the club will get bags from companies, like Target and Whole Foods, and put notices on them saying how they are collecting food. They will put these bags on the doorsteps of people in their neighborhoods, and come a week later to see if their neighbors left the bags with food on their doorsteps. This year the Have a Heart Food Drive wants to donate more than two thousand pounds of food, whereas last year they donated 1,766 pounds to the South Jersey food bank.