Sports Debate Club members enjoy third meeting

The third meeting of the Sports Debate Club took place today. Club members debated away, stating a plethora of statistics about various sports topics. The club always has all kinds of people to state their opinions on topics they feel strongly about. 

Parth Desai (’09) said, “I love to talk about sports, and this is the best way to discuss your feelings on current sports topics.” 

Although the club may seem intense, the Sports Debate Club provides much fun for all its members. Everyone has a great time talking about sports, and making jokes. 

“It’s fun, you get to talk about sports and your opinion,” Phil Colanzi (’12) said. 

The club has a good amount of members, but would love to have more people join. Anyone who is looking for a great time, while discussing hot sports topics should show up to the next meeting. 

Joel Gottlieb said, “Sports Debate Club is a fun club because, you can talk about sports with people who love sports just as much as you do.” 

The next meeting for the Sports Debate Club will be December 17.