SGA Meeting Report

Today, March 30th, 2011, the school and class Student Government Association officers met in the Auditorium during first period. The main purpose of the meeting was to induct the incoming 2011-2012 school SGA Vice Presidents and Presidents. All incoming officers were sworn in by the officer that currently held their position. The incoming officer then stated an oath to promise to fulfill the various responsibilities that fall under their position.

First, Andrew Adler (’13) was inducted to the position of School VP by Matt Bogdonoff (’11).

Next, Mike Berkowitz (’12) was inducted to the position of School VP by Dan Deroschers (’11).

Then, Harrison Kim (’12) was inducted to the position of School VP by Adam Rosenthal (’12).

The last VP inducted was Greg Weinstock (’13), who was inducted to the position by Kenny Soll (’11).

Finally, the incoming School President, Rosenthal, was inducted to the position by 2010-2011 School President Jason Warren (’11). Rosenthal also stated a special presidential oath.

After inductions, Kim went over the upcoming school events in April.

Following Kim, the 2010-2011 Board of Education Representative, Jon Silverstone (’11) gave a detailed report of the happenings with the Board of Education, Township tax news, employment opportunities within the district and the necessity of 18-year-olds voting in the spring.

Next, a representative for each class reported on their respective class’s apparel sales and various event planning such as proms and class trips. The class representatives were Senior class president, Seth Levy (’11), Junior class Vice President, Max Cohen (’12), Sophomore class Vice President, Ravin Patel (’13), and Freshman class Vice President, David Nahum (’14).

Berkowitz then restated the dates of the upcoming 2011-2012 class elections and was immediately followed by Weinstock’s Senior Trip Recap.

In other news, the Mr. East Chairladies announced the progressions of the Mr. East promotional videos and opening dance, as well as the cost for the event that will occur April 8th of $10 and the fact that each person who pays at the door automatically enters their name in a raffle for free prom tickets that can either be used for Junior or Senior Prom.

Next, Brett Roseman (’12) brought all the officers up to speed on the latest Spring Blood Drive details. The drive will take place April 28th and they are currently still seeking donors age 16 or older.

Finally, Mr. Dappalone, the SGA advisor, closed the gathering by re-congratulating the newly inducted school officers, stressed the importance for 18-year-olds to vote, discussed the lack of Senior “Project Graduation” donations and made sure that all SGA officers be on their toes for the upcoming interviews and presentations by the twelve final 2011-2012 Board of Education Representative.