Students attend the assembly to voice their concerns. (Eric First)
Students attend the assembly to voice their concerns.

Eric First

Perry holds impromptu meeting to discuss student concerns

February 26, 2018

Students gathered in C-wing intersection prior to the start of school Monday, February 26 for a “sit-in,” protesting a controversial issue that formed last week. In order to calm situations down and address students’ concerns, Principal Dr. Dennis Perry made an announcement calling for an assembly in the auditorium.

Perry, who said that he was not legally permitted to hold a discussion focusing on any specific teacher working in the Cherry Hill Public School District, fielded a multitude of questions regarding a wide range of student concerns. The assembly, which lasted over an hour, attempted to address those student concerns.

Perry said that many students would remain unsatisfied by the results of the meeting and that students should feel free to contact him with any additional concerns.

Eric First
Perry addresses student concerns.
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  • J

    James HemphillFeb 27, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    Just reading the news about Timothy Locke being placed on Administrative Leave.

    The newspaper reports that a 17 year teacher with military experience raised an issue of safety is required to take a Psychiatric Evaluation and be placed on admin leave.

    Principal Perry and Superintendent Meloche, you look really bad.
    A teacher protecting his students versus a complaining student.
    Where are your priorities?
    For shame.!

  • P

    Phyllis MontaneroFeb 27, 2018 at 9:55 am

    I feel that there is a lot of talk and quoting of rules, but nothing is being done .. Measures should be taken to put metal detectors in, plus more security in uniform, have an assembly with the students,ask them what they think should be done after all it’s their lives that are in danger.. police should come up with another plan to get the students out of the building in case of shooting, and not have them hide in closets , which everyone knows by now where they are . The suggestions that cost money, start having bake sales, car washes request for donations etc.
    seems that there is a lot of talk but no action… these shootings have been going on for a few years now, so what has been done in Cherry Hill East since the first shooting?. I’m guessing not that much… I suggest you take action now
    And less quoting of rules etc… rsvp

  • B

    Barbara AdoffFeb 26, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    If my understanding is correct, that Principal Perry has said that students participating in any protests regarding and supporting the Never Again anti gun movement, will not be allowed to go to senior trip and prom, I am outraged!
    As a Cherry Hill taxpayer, parent and former educator, social awareness is a huge part of education, not to mention their civil rights to act for a cause they believe in.
    I marched in the 60’s with the support of my high school and it’s principal, for civil rights. The awareness and responsibility that came with these actions helped mold me into a caring, educated citizen.
    I hope that what I’ve read today, is not representative of the mindset in the Cherry Hill Education System.