Mr. Rob DiMedio begins teaching at both Cherry Hill high schools

October 9, 2019


Courtesy of Ziva Davis ('22)

Mr. Rob DiMedio is a new history teacher at Cherry Hill East and West. He enjoys teaching at both schools.

Mr. Rob DiMedio is the newest addition to the history department at Cherry Hill East this school year, but only until 10:30 a.m. After that, he drives across town to Cherry Hill West, where he is also a new addition. 

Although it is his first year teaching in Cherry Hill, DiMedio, who will teach world civilizations and US history, has over a decade of experience. DiMedio taught at Holy Cross High School for two years, Philadelphia public schools for ten years, and Camden High School for one year.

DiMedio has worked at a variety of high schools and has taught all grade levels. He enjoys teaching different history classes to all of those grades.   DiMedio chose to take the job opportunity in Cherry Hill because he wanted a challenge.  He thought it would be exciting to work at two different schools in one day. 

 “I love variety and was so excited to accept the challenge. In the beginning, I felt like an East and West freshman, but now I have settled down,” said DiMedio.

DiMedio faced some struggles in the beginning, but he now understands the lay of the land at both schools, and feels has the best of both worlds. 

DiMedio knew he wanted to become a teacher, since he was a student himself.  He has always had a strong passion for history and really enjoys working with kids. 

“I am a life-long learner myself and I enjoy watching students so excited to learn,” DiMedio said. 

DiMedio is familiar with the Cherry Hill area, as he went to Johnson Elementary School, Beck Middle School and Bishop Eustace High School. He loves how diverse learning is in Cherry Hill and he appreciates how the students are so eager to learn. 

DiMedio says Cherry Hill East is different from the other schools DiMedio has worked at because the students have the true ability to advocate for themselves and they do an excellent job asking questions.

So far, DiMedio has had a great experience teaching at Cherry Hill East.  He enjoys the environment around him and the way the school is run. 

In his free time, DiMedio enjoys spending time with his two daughters, Allie and Stelle.  Allie is seven years old and Stella is four years old. When DiMedio is not at school, he loves to spend time with his family.  One of their favorite activities is hiking. 

DiMedio is thrilled to be part of the Cherry Hill district and looks forward to the 2019-2020 school year.

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