Junior Prom a success

This Saturday April 25, the Juniors (along with their dates) attended East’s Junior Prom at Auletto’s in Woodbury, NJ. The masquerade theme provided for a beautiful arrangement of purple, gold and green balloons in the center of many tables. The remaining tables had delicate bowls with floating candles, along with Mardi Gras beads laying on each table.

After the initial mingling at the start of the dance, students found their way to the tables provided. The food was already set up and included a few different types of pasta, vegetables, shrimp, meat and a salad bar. Students had a variety of dishes to choose from since all were very well-liked among the crowd.

Next, students piled onto the dance floor. The DJ played music ranging from the Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” to the Village People’s “YMCA.” For the majority of the night, though, the DJ played remixes of many different songs mixed together, transitioning some oldies in with the top hits of today. The dance floor was jam-packed with sweaty students enjoying the fun music. At the front of the dance floor, a huge TV screen played music videos of the songs. The TV also frequently showed video of the dance floor so that students could see their smiling faces on the screen.

Once dessert came out, many students left the dance floor to make their own sundaes or enjoy the pastries. There was a multitude of cookies, cakes and tarts to enjoy, so the line filled up quickly.

The atmosphere suggested that those who attended had an amazing night at Auletto’s. The Junior Class should thank those who organized the event for such a memorable night.