Blood Drive Chairpeople work hard to ensure a successful turnout this Wednesday and Thursday

Last years spring blood drive was a success. The Chairpeople hope that this years will be even better.

Last year’s spring blood drive was a success. The Chairpeople hope that this year’s will be even better.

Sam Resnick, Eastside Staff

On November 1, Cherry Hill High School East will host its annual fall blood drive. Co-run by students Madeline Levin (‘18), Noah Kaminer (‘18), Jordan Tort (’18), Sammy Miller (’18),  Jillian Rivera (’18), Abigail Richman (’18), Dani Lazarus (’19), Ross Cogan (’19), Hannah Schreiber (’19) and Emma Stopek (’19), the blood drive is expected to have around 300 participants and will be centered around a mystery theme.

In the past, Cherry Hill East has had many successful blood drives. With over two hundred and fifty donors and exciting themes such as March Madness, Star Wars, and Presidency, Cherry Hill East has been host to the largest high school blood drives in the Philadelphia region. This upcoming blood drive has been in the works since September 11th.

“Everyday everyone is either trying to get forms out, typing up information, there [are] just so many factors, but it’s really just all of the [chairpersons],” said  Levin, one of the blood drive’s ten chairpersons.

East’s blood drive this year will team up with the Red Cross to provide much-needed blood to victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. For all involved, the blood drive is an incredibly rewarding experience.

“I get most excited seeing everyone participate in the community aspect of East” Said Noah Kaminer, an overall chairperson.

Every pint taken from a donor takes forty eight hours for the donor to regenerate it. “It’s important to show the brevity of how important it is that we donate blood and that it’s really not that that big a deal for us to donate blood” said Kaminer.

The Fall blood drive has many donors such as Comfort and Care, MHS Lift, The Law Offices of Eric A. Shore, and over ten more. The small businesses help to purchase to food for the donors after they donate blood.

With over fifty students working hard to set up and promote the blood drive, this blood drive is on it’s way to be one of the most successful ones yet. The blood drive will take place over two days, November 1 and November 2.