Art Club makes hemp necklaces to be sold at East’s Coffeehouse

The members of Cherry Hill East’s Art Club are expanding the club’s role within the school.  Led by club president Michelle Griffin (’09), the art club is currently creating hemp necklaces to be sold at East’s Coffeehouse.  All of the proceeds from the coffeehouse, which is hosted by East’s Thespian Society, will go to The Max Levine Fund, an organization that funds research for Neuroblastoma, a cancer that affects children.         

Although the prices for the necklaces are yet to be determined, the members of the art club are working hard on their project.  The final products will be made entirely from scratch, as the members of the art club are braiding the hemp and making the beads for the necklaces themselves.       

In addition to participating in philanthropic events, the art club also meets just for fun.          

“It’s relaxing,” said Kristen Beatty (’09). “You get to come here to unwind, paint, and relax with your friends.

The club meets every other week with about five to ten members in attendance each time, although anyone, no matter his/her artistic talent, can join at any point during the year.   

 “You don’t have to be completely artistic to be in the club because we do more hands-on art,” said Griffin.