Election Day Countdown: Day 5

With the election so close, the bases are loaded. The candidates are on the verge of winning the presidency. Americans are ready to cast their vote, although early voters have been encouraged by both tickets.  

Battleground states have been revised; as Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania are leaning Democrat, Florida, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina remain true battleground states. Obama is campaigning hard in Florida and McCain is focusing on North Carolina. All battleground states voted Republican in the election of 2004. The projected electoral votes for Obama is 291, whereas the projected electoral votes for McCain is 163, leaving 84 as a tossup. The popular vote shows Obama ahead 51% to 46%.

Sarah Palin interviewed on ABC’s “Good Morning America”, John McCain interviewed on ABC’s “World News” and Barack Obama interviewed on NBC’s “Nightly News.” The focus of these interviews was to contact the American people and get out their respective messages. The candidates’ multitude of television interviews on a variety of networks and programs display how the election has moved into a different ballgame: making the American people see your face and hear your voice as much as possible.

As far as campaigning, Sarah Palin held a “Road to Victory” rally in Latrobe, PA, as well as a second “Road to Victory” rally in York, PA, as Barack Obama’s interview with CNN aired. John McCain held 3 “Road to Victory” rallies and a “Town Square Stop” in Ohio today. The last of McCain’s stop in Ohio was held in Columbus with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in an effort to gain support due to Schwarzenegger campaigning with him.

Senator Joe Biden started off the morning holding a “Change We Need” rally in his home state of Delaware, as Barack Obama held a “Change We Need” rally in Des Moines, Iowa, a state that truly matters to the Obama campaign after primary season, when Iowa propelled Obama on Super Tuesday. In the afternoon, Biden’s wife, Jill, joined Biden to hold a “Change We Need” rally at Fairmont High School in Kettering, Ohio. In the evening, husband and wife held another “Change We Need” rally at Lima Senior High School in Lima, Ohio. After this rally, Barack Obama held an “Early Vote for Change” rally in Highland, Indiana, one of the true battleground states.

Early voting is playing a major role in this campaign, as voters are afraid of voting places being too crowded on Election Day, as well as dysfunctional ballots. The fact is, everyone wants their vote counted in this election, and don’t want repeats of Florida. Thus, snail mail is proving to be a popular choice among voters. Speaking of Florida, thousands of dead Floridians are registered to vote. This is an example of why voters are choosing to vote early, for they do not want their vote to be involved in any kind of corruption or conflict. Voters just want their voices heard.

In the next 4 days, no matter who you support, I implore you to please make your voice heard, and be a part of this historical election. The result of this election is too valuable and indicates the direction of our nation.