You will “Love, Simon” when you see it.

March 26, 2018

Fall in love with Love, Simon. As 17-year-old Simon Spier, played by Nick Robinson, finds his first, true high school sweetheart you will find your love for teen romances all over again.

Simon’s love story is unlike many others, including that of two of his best friends, Abby, Alexandra Shipp, and Nick, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. What differs from Simon’s love story and his friend’s love story is that Simon is gay and no one knows, not his best friends, Abby and Nick, nor his other best friend Leah Burke (Katherine Langford). Not even Simon’s loving, supportive family portrayed by Josh Duhamel, Simon’s dad Jack (Jennifer Garner) Simon’s mom Emily (Talitha Bateman), nor Simon’s little sister Nora. Simon’s love story unfolds, coming full circle from the very beginning to end.

As the story unfolds, Robinson tells the story perfectly, portraying an average high-school boy, conflicted with love and life. All teenagers can relate to Robinson’s back and forth, contemplating manners over what text to send and or what outfit to wear, along with his genuine joy talking to your crush and pure sadness when your crush doesn’t respond. Robinson perfectly plays the too-true feelings of holding your breathe around your family, despite not needing to, and finally exhaling with friends.

Robinson’s perfect acting is paired with the perfect pairing of director Greg Berlanti and author Becky Albertalli. Together, the two not only tell Simon’s love story to the audience but also tell the audience about issues in society, including the obvious issue of sexuality and homophobia. As previously stated, the two also tell the story full circle, from beginning to end, and in the end the audience also gets that aha moment. Berlanti and Albertalli tell the story in such a way that the audience connects the dots by the end of the movie putting all the pieces together, having the movie come together and having Simon and his love come together.

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