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You Wanna Be On Top?: America’s Next Top Model All Stars, Episode 5

Angelea (Cycle 14) is super excited at the beginning of episode five when she sees her photo hanging on the wall in the Top Model house. “It feels great to go from [the] bottom to all the way to number one,” she said. Knowing that the other girls in the house underestimate her, she has no problem openly expressing her pride.

Not all is well in the house though. Tension erupts when Bianca (Cycle 9) confronts Shannon (Cycle 1) about the new telephone plan she implemented in the house. Although Bianca did not intend to scare her, Shannon begins to cry because she hates arguing. Lisa (Cycle 5) then takes the initiative to jump into the conversation consequently spurring a full blown argument between her and Bianca.

“She’s scared of water; I’m the deep end. She’s scared of dogs; I’m a pit bull so she better watch her back,” Lisa said. Bianca, to say the least, is annoyed which is apparent in the ladies’ next challenge.

Modeling in outfits from the Kardashian Kollection, the girls strut what they have not only on the runway, but on a moving carousel as well. Bianca, however, does not exert the same confidence in her walk as the other girls have. After Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian crown Lisa and Bre the challenge winners, J. Alexander pulls Bianca to the side to find out what is wrong with her.

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“None of these girls work as hard as I do,” she said in the midst of an emotional breakdown. She begins questioning why she is still in the competition after returning to the house.  When Bre (Cycle 5) tells her that the other girls had been talking negatively about her downstairs, however, Bianca refocuses.

“That just fueled my fire. I won’t be going home anytime soon,” she said confidently.

Taking a break from the drama in the house, the girls set off to do another photo shoot in which they have to portray Michael Jackson throughout the years. Not only are the ladies styled by Michael Jackson’s personal stylist, Rushka, but they are also assisted by LaToya Jackson, Jackson’s older sister.

Bianca executes Jackson in her every pose, and the girls are not afraid to openly admit that. Lisa, on the other hand, has too much fun on set and in place of bringing Jackson to life in her photographs, she decides to jump around and do splits in most of her shots. Not surprisingly, she ends up in the bottom two alongside Angelea.

What was surprising, however, was that guest judge, LaToya Jackson, decided not to send any of the girls home, sparing both Lisa and Angelea from elimination.

“I have to tell you that my brother was about love, expression, about giving. What I saw in the photo shoot was that you girls all gave. You gave your love; you gave your expression so because of that, I’m not sending anyone home. You’re all safe,” she said.

Despite the continuous drama in the house, the Michael Jackson photo shoot was indeed fun to watch. All of the girls, with the exception of Lisa and Angelea, accurately showcased an element of Jackson in their photos. Some girls, like Shannon and Dominique (Cycle 10) nearly looked identical to him. The constant bickering is getting tiresome, however, especially because in most cases, it involves Bianca. Too much emphasis has been placed on her lately, making it harder to get to know the other girls on a more personal level.

Rating: 8/10

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