You Wanna Be On Top?: America’s Next Top Model All Stars, Episode 4

Episode 4 opens up with Kayla (Cycle 15) experiencing heart problems after Isis’ elimination. She is rushed to the hospital, but returns home a few hours later after discovering she had suffered from cardiac arrhythmia. “When you’re in the Top Model house, there’s gonna be some type of stress,” Kayla said.

Bouncing back from Kayla’s cardiac scare, the ladies’ moods shift to better spirits when they are brought to their next challenge. Each girl has to perform a scene from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” in front of the show’s creator, Anthony E. Zuilker. Although excited at first, most of the girls find themselves struggling to pronounce the medical terminology in their scripts. Bre (Cycle 5) and Angelea (Cycle 14), however, both impress Zuilker with their delivery. In the end, Bre is deemed the challenge winner, receiving the opportunity to appear in an upcoming episode of the show.

Though Angelea did not win the challenge, she proves to be the model to watch in the ladies’ next photo shoot for Express. Allison (Cycle 12), Kayla and Laura (Cycle 13) also impress the photographers. Surprisingly, Lisa (Cycle 5), who constantly delivers some of the best photos each week, failed to give the judges what they were looking for, but she certainly was not alone.

This week, Camille (Cycle 2) found herself in the bottom two alongside Lisa. Week after week, the judges were less and less impressed with Camille’s photographs. They finally reached their breaking point. Although eliminated, Camille said, “Not winning ‘America’s Next Top Model’ isn’t the end at all because look at how far I’ve come. I’m proud of myself.”

Thankfully, the ladies delivered above average photos this time around. The competition seems to be getting tougher, and with Angelea coming out on top and Lisa falling to the bottom this week, there’s no telling who will walk away with the title in the end.

Only ten girls remain. Who’s going home next?

Rating: 9/10