You Wanna Be On Top?: America’s Next Top Model All Stars, Episode 3

Episode three of “America’s Next Top Model All-Stars” opens up with a visit from TV personality, Kristin Cavallari, best known for her appearances on “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach.” Cavallari gives the remaining twelve girls advice on how to stay true to themselves, and ensures them that it is possible to go on to tackle bigger feats after reality TV. “To look at Kristin Cavallari and look at all the things she’s accomplished after coming off of two reality shows just definitely lets me know that being successful after this [show] is tangible,” said Bre (Cycle 5).

The ladies are then sent off to The Grove, home of the show, “Extra” to do interviews, in which host Mario Lopez pulls out some tough questions for the ladies to answer. They are separated into two teams, under the leadership of Lisa (Cycle 5) and Bianca (Cycle 9) who had the best photos in the previous week. Because the winning team will be safe from elimination, both teams strive to do their best to deliver their answers. Since Lisa had a tendency to jump in while her teammates were talking, however, Bianca’s team walked off with the win and a lifted burden.

The ladies’ next photo shoot takes the competition to new heights—literally. Having to model on stilts and in pairs, some ladies find themselves excited for the new challenge, while others find themselves extremely insecure. Bianca, especially, questions whether or not she can go through with the photo shoot because of her extreme fear of heights. Although she does struggle in her photos, she was not alone in doing so.

Angelea (Cycle 14) lacked personality in the interview challenge and later finds herself unsure of how to execute it in her photographs, landing her in the bottom two alongside Isis (Cycle 11). Luckily for her, Tyra gives her another chance simply because her picture came out better than Isis’, who failed to go beyond the “pretty girl” standard according to the judges. “I’m really shocked. I think that I have a lot to offer. I feel like I have a presence,” Isis said before leaving the competition.

While the concept of the photo shoot was definitely innovative, a lot of the ladies are still not showcasing their “all star” quality, making it fairly easy to predict who’ll end up leaving in the future. Nevertheless, episode three was a step up from the episode prior.

Rating: 7/10