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TV shows online

sfdTiVo out, internet in. Recently, popular television stations such as NBC, FOX and ABC have put their shows online. The stations put new shows on their website the day after the show airs, allowing one to watch full episodes for free. 

“It’s nice because you can watch a show whenever you want,” Ed Kerney (‘08) said. 

Indeed, the major television stations are selling ads throughout their websites, which are then played through the freed episodes. 

These commercials are often only 30-seconds, with often only four to five per episode, and is thus a lot less harassing than the regular commercials on television. 

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Although there might be many alternatives to watching favorite television shows you missed, these can be pricey. A very well known brand for recording shows is called TiVo. Buying TiVo allows you to have a large box that automatically finds and records your video interests. It has very cool features, but can cost a lot of money. Watching television shows online then proves to be more convenient. 

Watching television shows online also allows people to re-watch and skip over certain parts throughout an entire episode. One disappointing thing is that there is a fairly big difference in the picture quality compared to shows online. Also some television networks, (NBC, FOX and CBS) limit the shows that are viewable on their website. 

While some people are still undecided on whether to watch television shows online, others have been doing so regularly now. 

“If I miss a show, I will watch it online,” Nick Fabritis (‘10) said. 

Many people are using the availability of television shows online to their benefit. Having television shows online certainly seems to allow much more flexibility in a TV watcher’s schedule.

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