The selfie stick makes selfies easier to take

Amanda Seligman, Eastside Staff

As times have changed throughout the years, it is no surprise that technology has changed too. One of the latest fads happens to be the “selfie.” For those who do not know what the selfie is, it is a photo that one takes of him or herself using a camera.

Selfies have become very popular as many people take them all over the world. One of the problems with selfies is that if a person were to take a selfie with a whole group of people, not everyone would fit into the picture. Therefore, selfie sticks have been created to solve this problem.

The selfie stick is a contraption that allows more people to fit into a selfie. It also allows for more of the background to fit into the picture. It is a stick that can hold one’s phone and holds it up higher, allowing more of a view of the scenery.

As selfies are become more and more popular over time, so is the selfie stick. This new contraption is allowing people to take better selfies than ever before.

“I just recently bought a selfie stick for my vacation. I am so excited to use it to take great selfies with my sisters, as well as take photos of myself and cool backgrounds,” said Hailey Abrams (’18) .

The selfie stick started out to be a popular tool amongst teenagers. However, as time passes, it seems that people of all ages are getting hooked on the selfie stick.