Quizlet helps students study efficiently

Amanda Seligman, Eastside Staff

Quizlet is an app that was created in October 2005 and has been a successful way of studying ever since. Students all over the world have created a Quizlet for themselves and found great success.

Quizlet is designed to help people study. Once a user sets up his or her Quizlet account, he or she is able to make flashcards for whatever it is that he or she is studying. Once users are finished making flash cards, they can save it to their accounts to go back and study the material whenever it is necessary. One of the greatest assets of Quizlet is that it allows users to find other users’ flashcards.

Once the flashcards are created, there are options for the user, which include studying the cards, playing games with the cards, and also allowing users to test themselves with the cards. Quizlet is not only a great tool for memorizing, but it also helps you learn your mistakes and correct them as you continue to study.

According to www.wonderoftech.com,“Quizlet is a great website created by a student that allows people to actively engage themselves in learning in a manageable way.”

Since Quizlet is so interactive, it makes it easier for users to understand and memorize the material.

“Quizlet has really been a success for me this year. I have found that it really helps me memorize vocabulary, and the interactive features have really helped me understand the material I am learning” said Rachel Cogan (’17).

As of 2009, there have been over one million users, and considering that Quizlet has become even more successful, the number of users has grown significantly. For students who are looking for a new way to study, Quizlet is the way to go.