Now That’s What I Call Music! volumes reflect on popular music trends

Before iTunes’ Top 10 Songs list on its homepage, an indicator of the most popular songs was the Now That’s What I Call Hits! CD series. Although an international series, the United States’ spinoff series began in 1998.

The first U.S. Now! compilation included hits such as “As Long As You Love Me,” “MMMBop” and “Barbie Girl.” These hits reflected the popular spirits of the alternative and boy band genres of the 90s. Now That’s What I Call Music! Volumes 2-5 continued the trend.

However, Volume 6 began to show the gradual switch in popular genres from boy band hysteria to rap, still fused with grungy alternative, with tracks like “Shake It Fast,” “Lucky” and “Kryptonite.”

Now, today’s billboard toppers of Now That’s What I Call Music! 36, released November 9, 2010, features “Teenage Dream,” “Dynamite,” “King of Anything” and “If I Had You.”

Although several years have passed between the first Now! album and the latest release, the common theme remains: songs popular on the radio reflect the  somewhat varied music taste of the country’s youth.  Upbeat songs with a thumping bass will always catch its attention, as will the most clichéd love song lyrics, and even the defiant drum and electric guitar combination.

The 36 Now! compilations will certainly prove that.