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House “Under My Skin”

At a rehearsal, a danseur has a bad back and is unable to raise his ballerina partner. He unfortunately drops her, and she cannot breathe, prompting the conductor to call a doctor. Although House took a personal day because he still sees and hears Amber, he is called into work nonetheless. She helps him sort his thoughts about the ballerina, but after this House decides it is finally time for him to tell someone, in this case Wilson, that he is hallucinating. To guilt Wilson into helping him, House says he is seeing Kutner.

After a wonderful meal, Cameron reveals to Chase that she still has her dead husband’s sperm and wishes to keep it. “No one plans for divorce,” she says, and keeping the sperm is a liquid security device if she ever wants children if Chase and she break up.

The ballerina is getting worse and worse, and her mystery disease has already cause 80 percent of her skin to come off. House feels guilty because he is almost certain that the antibiotics he prescribed her cause the skin issues. He shares his emotions with Wilson and says perhaps his guilt is a symptom. While the team tries to stop the ballerina’s heart to MRI it, House decides to put his own life in his hands, literally – he gives himself insulin shock to try to get rid of Amber. This deadly procedure seems to work…for a little while. This means that either House has some sort of mental illness or he needs to detox from his Vicodin addiction and live in pain forever; either way he will no longer be able to practice medicine. In the end, knowing himself well enough to know he will find some way to cheat a rehab, he asks the only person he can trust to take special care of him while the drugs leave his system and he is in writhing pain.

After the team saves the patient on their own, Cameron and Chase come to a conclusion about the sperm and what it means to Cameron. House thanks Cuddy for helping him.

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 Spoiler alert!

Give Hugh Laurie some more awards, stat! That man is brilliant. His ability to play a witty drug addict on a weekly basis is great, but playing that same drug addict going through a detox allowed his more serious side show through, and it was excellent. I felt the fear in his eyes when he saw the pill on the bathroom floor and was crawling towards it, and the pain while he was vomiting. Absolutely fabulous.

More importantly, however, was Cuddy and House’s honest, sober kiss. Will this mean that they will finally start a relationship? Only time will tell.

Rating: A

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