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House “Locked In”

After five seasons of similar, procedural intros where a patient’s first sign of sickness is presented in an average day, “Locked In” takes a new spin on the old. Yes, the first sign is still presented, but this episode is unique because viewers are given the patient’s view and thoughts, but, like the patient, we only see the surroundings. Apparently, Dr. House crashed his motorcycle and is at a hospital. Another doctor determines that the patient is brain dead, but House begs to differ, all the while we hear the patient’s very-alive thoughts as a voice-over of sorts.

After a few minutes, the doctor realizes that the patient is not brain dead, and suggests sending him to a rehab facility that will teach him how to communicate with his eyes – the only part of his body over which he still has control. House, not a doctor in the hospital in which he is, poses a different question: instead of the bicycle crash causing the brain damage, what if the brain damage caused the crash? His theory is seemingly verified by the fact that the patient has two scrapes on his palms – he did not try to protect himself. Since the doctor won’t release the patient, House calls up his team and beckons them to come to him. After the patient almost dies, he finally gets permission to transfer him to Princeton-Plainsboro.

The patient, who we finally learn is named Lee, needs brain surgery. House reveals that he is no longer absolutely sure that he will be okay, but Lee’s faith in God gives him hope.

House eventually reveals to Wilson that the reason he went to Middletown was to see Foreman’s brother, who is in a correctional facility there. But later this proves untrue as well, which piques Wilson’s interest in the matter even more.

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Through a few series of yes and no questions, House and his team find out that Lee lied about a business trip to his wife and, in reality, spent the two days at a friend’s house. Now the team searches the friend’s house for toxins.After a few failed treatments, a correct diagnosis is given and Lee is saved.

Spoiler Alert!

Bravo. This episode was the perfect blend of humor, medical problems, relationships and mystery, basically everything “House” is supposed to be. Having the patient communicate, but not allowing the doctors to hear his words, was definitely something new that worked. However, if this strategy were used every episode it would not be as effective. I don’t even have anything else to say: the episode was great. Hopefully, the new stage is set and when the curtains are drawn next week, we will all be in awe.

Rating: A

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