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House “Let Them Eat Cake”

A TV show trainer is filming her reality show on stadium stairs. While coming down from a jog up, she collapses. She is brought to Princeton-Plainsboro to be treated. House and his team are differentiating a diagnosis, but Cuddy keeps butting it, “backseat differentiating,” as House so eloquently put it, because she is sharing House’s office until hers is renovated. The patient collapses again during a routine test.

Meanwhile, Kutner has set up an online Second Opinion Clinic in House’s name, without House’s knowledge. He is getting persistent emails from a woman with questions about her recent breast implants. Taub finds out and says he will tattle, unless he receives 30 percent of the profits. The online patient finds herself at the hospital, with Kutner and Taub trying to hide her existence from the real House.

Also, since Thirteen has agreed to participate in a Huntington’s drug trial, she and Foreman are not 110 percent involved in the main diagnosis. She does want to try the treatment, but she has repeated flashbacks of her mother suffering through the disease before she died, which are halting her presence at her appointments with Foreman, much to his disapproval.

Throughout the episode, Cuddy and House banter back and forth, finally ending with Cuddy’s revelation that they should be a couple. However, her heart gets broken in “Let Them Eat Cake’s” final scene.

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Spoiler Alert!

Maybe the producers of “House” have been consulting my reviews that call this show “boring,” because this episode had not one, not two, but three main plotlines with one subplot. Now, I don’t want to get too picky, but, seriously, come on: I don’t have ADD. It was too much story for one episode. You have House and the main patient, Kutner and Taub with the Internet patient, and Foreman and Thirteen with their drug trial, not to mention some romance between Cuddy and House on the side. No story could be told in detail, because time could not allow it.

I do have to admit, though, that I enjoyed House’s prank on Kutner and Taub. Hiring and actress to write in to the online clinic, faking her death and resurrecting her in front of Taub and Kutner was both clever and comedic. Because the site is “lucrative,” House wants Kutner to continue it, but House wants 50 percent. So, with House receiving 50 percent and Taub getting 30 percent there is no budget left for Chase to get his wanted 25 percent or for Kutner to get any profit at all. Which, when you think about it, is pretty funny, since he created the clinic.

I’ve decided to keep a “laugh track” for all episodes henceforth. This week’s had four laughs and two chuckles, which is certainly not as good as “House” can do.

It was really sad when Cuddy misperceived House and the actress talking in his office. I felt really sad for her, since Lisa Edelstein’s face clearly emoted pain, hurt and a loss of trust. Dr. Cuddy probably wishes she had lupus about now.

Fun Fact: House stating “Cuddy doesn’t always get what she wants” is a reference to the pilot episode, where House and Cuddy quote different parts of the Rolling Stones song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

Rating: B-

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